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About Our Market and Demographics

Northwest St. Johns County has become one of the fastest growing areas in the state of Florida. Growing at over 30%, the area offers businesses an affordable opportunity to advertise into a market rich in purchasing power and business service needs.

Ads are a fraction of the cost of other directories!

Below you can read more about the current growth trends, and see results from our market survey and view a growth map depicting the locations of the market expansion.


FCD Advertising Market Coverage Map – Circulation: 33,000

Mailed to All Residences & Hand Delivered to All Businesses.

Includes: South Mandarin, Julington Creek, Fruit Cove, Switzerland, Sampson (210), World Golf Village, Kensington, Bartram Springs, Palencia and Walden Chase.

Residential Growth Rate: 15%- 20%

Median Income: $87,979

Median Age: 36.8

Market Survey

What Consumers Think About The Northwest St. Johns Telephone Directory

Periodically we ask local residents (white page listings) via independent and controlled telephone interviews to rate our Telephone Directory relative to:

• Brand Recognition

• Frequency of Yellow Page Use

• Ease of Use

• Overall Value

This information is then used to continuously improve our product.

Below are our findings as of February 2009.

77% Were familiar with our telephone directory.
70% Consumers referring to our telephone directory refer to the yellow pages.
80% Found our directory either very useful or useful finding a business or service they need
90% Found the size of our directory more convenient than any other directory
80% Found it valuable to have a directory that only covers the Northwest St. Johns County
75% When looking for a product or service, are most likely to look first at companies advertising in the yellow pages of our directory vs. any other directory. When asked why, they responded that they wanted to support local community businesses.

Clearly - Residents Value Thier Community Directory and Businesses!

Results were collected via telephone interviews from residences in the white pages.

Surveys are ongoing to ensure significant significance.

Market Growth News (Revised 2007)

I wanted to take a moment to share with our directory customers the most recent developments in Northwest St. Johns County. By now I am sure that you are acutely aware of the enormous growth taking place in the Northwest St. Johns area. The market continues to grow at 22% annually.

This does not include a number of developments scheduled to begin within the next 2-3 years. Not only is this area rapidly growing, but few realize the purchasing power residing here. As an example did you know that the median income for Julington Creek south to CR 210 (32259) is $87,979. The median income for Ponte Vedra (32082) is currently $81,708.

By the year 2011 the median household income for the Julington Creek and area south is projected to be $102,743 while the same median income for Ponte Vedra over the same period is only projected to be $92,919. Clearly the area of Northwest St. Johns County is not only growing in population, but also in income and purchasing power.

St. Johns Population growth to nearly 400,000 by 2030

Currently estimated at 161,000 St. Johns is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, according to a study by the University of Florida. Northwest St. Johns is growing even faster at approximately 21% annually. St. Johns County is ranked as the 17th fastest growing county in the United States. The University of Florida study anticipates continued double digit growth for many years to come.

Another Development Proposed for Northwest St. Johns

A retail development proposed for U.S. 1 north of the St. Augustine Airport and west of the Florida East Coast Railroad tracks is proposing 600,000 square feet of commercial space and 100,000 square feet of office space. The development of 500 single family homes and 1,200 multifamily homes is also in the plans. The development would be in two five-year stages. The first is set to begin in 2007 and the entire project will be completed by 2017. This project is designed to provide the county with an alternative shopping center between St. Augustine and The Avenues Mall.

World Golf Economic Impact $3.25B

According to a University of Florida economic impact study the World Golf Village has resulted in $3.25 billion to the local area economy. The study was commissioned to determine the economic impact of the World Golf Village on the local area. Of the $3.46 billion generated the total impact for St. Johns amounted to $3.25 billion over the last 10 years.

Bartram Blvd. Links Racetrack Rd. to Old St. Augustine Rd.

By the fall of this year Northwest St. Johns and South Mandarin will be linked by Bartram Blvd. between Racetrack Rd. and Old St Augustine Rd. The four lane road will connect to Racetrack Rd. west of I-95.

CR 2209 Links Racetrack Rd. and CR 210

The new extension off Roberts Rd. north of CR 210 is completed connecting CR 210 with Racetrack Rd. Alberdine, a new development by DR Horton of 2,000 homes on 1,400 acres off CR 2209 will be completed by 2010 adding approximately 6,000 new residences to the area.

Rivertown Begins Sales and Development

Rivertown, the St Joes (previously Arvida) development off CR 210 and SR 13 is in the process of opening their sales office on CR 210. Rivertown is the development along and across the street from the St. Johns River on SR 13. The development will represent a total of 4,170 acres of land, 3,700 single family homes, 800 multifamily homes and 100,000 square feet of commercial space. The development has recently opened its initial sales office on CR 210 across from the Winn Dixie shopping center.

South Mandarin (Added 2007)

As you can see the area continues to grow and promises to provide businesses with opportunities for growth. Our telephone directory circulation is presently growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 20% meaning your advertisement is reaching 20% more residences today than it did the year before! Our directory will exceed 30,000 in circulation for 2007 and for the first time will include south Mandarin and Kensington, a new development off US 1 north of Palencia.

This continued growth is certainly of benefit to you, our advertisers, and puts the value of this market we mutually serve in perspective. With the growth of purchasing power, total residences and family income businesses realize the value of serving one of the fastest growing markets in the United States.